Work to ensure connectivity for Sherman’s new high school took a major step forward last week when the city finished acquiring the right of way for a major connector to the school site.

The city of Sherman announced last week it would be purchasing nearly eight acres of land near Northgate Drive for $275,000 from SSCGC Holdings for the construction of West Travis Street. The street, which will be a four-lane, divided roadway, will be one of the major connectors for the new Sherman High School when it opens on FM 1417 next August.

“This really is the last piece we need to complete that road,” Sherman Community and Support Services Manager Nate Strauch said.

Previously, the city worked with Panda Power and Actitech for similar lots for the right of way. City Manager Robby Hefton said these negotiations helped set the stage and the price for the final piece.

As a part of the agreement the city will also be transferring several infill lots to SSCGC as a part of the sale agreement. These properties were owned by the city and adjacent to land already owned by the company. Hefton said this was beneficial for the city as it returned property that was off of the tax rolls and also reduced the price of the right-of-way purchase for the city.

“They own all the property around it so it makes sense for us to convey this as a part of reduction of what we would otherwise pay for the right of way,” Hefton said.

With the development of the road and high school, city officials said there could be opportunities for development particularly along the two terminals. Strauch said there has been interest, particularly with medical near the Sherman Crossroads development while other commercial interest has centered near the FM 1417 corner.

Once developed, Strauch said the intersection of West Travis and Northgate would represent a second tier of development as one of two hard corners in the area. This would hinge primarily on medical interest in the area, including the possibility of a new hospital near Sherman Crossroads.

“We would think that if that development comes in, this would be one of the areas to watch,” Strauch said.