Sherman Police are advising area motorists and those going to the Battle of the Ax football game on Friday night to be aware of related street closures in Sherman and the availability of free shuttle rides to the stadium.

Street closures will be enacted around Bearcat Stadium and affect portions of the northbound U.S. Highway 75 service road, Rusk Street, Pecan Street and Elm Street.

“It’s going to be pretty congested in the area so if you don’t have a pressing need to be there, you may want to use an alternate route,” Sgt. Brett Mullen said. “But if you do have to drive through the area, just be very cautious of pedestrian traffic.”

Free shuttle rides to the stadium will be provided by Sherman Independent School District buses. Shuttle drivers will run routes and pick up passengers on portions of the following streets: Washington Street; Crockett Street; Travis Street; Walnut Street; Pecan Street; Mulberry Street; Lamar Street; Elm Street; Wall Street; Laurel Street; and Jones Street. Shuttles will not operate west of U.S. Highway 75.

Those who plan to drive and park in the area are reminded not to do so on private property and not to block driveways, emergency vehicles, fire lanes or hydrants.

“From time to time, when we have a large gathering of vehicles like this, we do see some burglaries, so just take some extra steps to help prevent that,” Mullen said. “Take your keys with you, remove or hide any valuables and be sure to lock your doors.”

And those who intend to make it to the stadium on foot are advised to watch out for vehicles as they make their way through streets and parking lots.

“If you’re going to cross the street, make sure you’re doing so where traffic is clearly visible and that you’re able to see what’s coming before you step out into the roadway,”

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