Texoma residents are advised to keep their umbrellas and rain jackets handy this week, as a summer cold front moves into the region bringing several days of back-to-back storm chances and slightly cooler conditions.

Following Monday’s heat advisory and a combination of sunshine and humidity which made temperatures feel as hot as 109 degrees, the National Weather Service in Fort Worth said a system of low pressure will begin to push into Texas and Oklahoma. As a result, the greatest chance for showers and storms will develop on Tuesday and Wednesday and daytime highs throughout the week will largely sit in the upper 80s and low 90s.

“That ridge of high pressure that we previously had in place is going to retreat to the west,” said NWS Meteorologist Sarah Barnes from the Fort Worth office. “A cold front will then begin moving into the area and, by the time it makes it’s way into Oklahoma, that’s going to set off a storm complex that will hang around and keep those chances for afternoon thunderstorms going.”

Though Tuesday’s high is only forecasted to reach 87 degrees, the heat index will make temperatures feel as much as ten degrees warmer. A 60 percent chance for rain and thunderstorms is expected to hold through 1 p.m. and taper off to 20 percent during the evening hours. Tuesday’s rainfall totals are expected to sit between half an inch and three quarters of an inch.

“The threat for severe weather is pretty low and that will be the story for most of the week, but we could have some locally-heavy rainfall, lightning and gusty winds,” Barnes said.

A 50 percent chance for rain will hold through Wednesday, while the daytime high will reach and feel like 86 degrees. Overnight, the temperature and rain chances will fall to 71 degrees and 20 percent, respectively.

High temperatures will remain in the low 90s Thursday, Friday and Saturday and a each day will boast a 20 percent chance for rain. Overnight lows are expected to hover in the low 70s, but may even dip into the upper 60s on Saturday night. Mostly sunny skies return Sunday for a high of 90 degrees, and no rain is forecasted. The Sherman-Denison area is likely to receive two and a half to three inches of rainfall by the end of the week.

With the likelihood of storms, Barnes encouraged Texoma residents remain weather aware throughout the week and plan their activities accordingly.

“If you’re looking to get out of the house, setting off on your commute or expecting to spend time outside, just make sure you keep an eye on the weather,” Barnes said. “And it will still be warm out, so, if you’re going to be outside, take frequent breaks and try to avoid peak heat during the afternoon hours.”

Drew Smith is a reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at asmith@heralddemocrat.com.