The Denison Development Alliance is asking the Denison city council to approve a budget for 2019.

The DDA will consider the proposed budget at its monthly meeting Tuesday at 3 p.m. before sending it to the city for approval at a future city council meeting.

Here are three things to know about the budget.

1. Locally sourced funding: The budget comes from four sources. $2,084,668 from 4a sales tax revenue. $38,197 from interest income, $406,214 from lease income and $90,005 from property tax income.

2. Expense breakdown: Out of the total budget requested, $661,619, goes towards administrative fees, less than a third of the total budget. $543,450 goes towards property management expenses. $192,600 is allocated to marketing expenses. The total amount for expenses is estimated $1,949,212.

3. Nearly $3 million for incentives: The budget shows 2,619,084 in new revenues from the above sources. It also shows $2,188,331 carried over from the previous year. The funds available for new incentives is estimated to be $2,858,203.