Grayson County grand jurors this week returned indictments against a number of people for failing to show up to court and other charges.

The indictments are formal charges and are not an indication of guilt. The following people were indicted:

Jimmy Curlee, 39, of Colbert, Oklahoma — failure to appear;

John Gonzales, 33, of Sherman — failure to appear;

Kory Ostlund, 36, of Whitewright — failure to appear, two counts of forgery and evading arrest detention with a motor vehicle;

Patrick Osborn, 28, of Pottsboro — failure to appear;

Marcus Pleasant, 29, of Denison — failure to appear;

Jessica Crosby, 30, of Tom Bean — failure to comply with sex offender registration;

Brant Mitchell, 31, of Sherman — burglary of habitation;

Moises Rodriquez, 33, of Sherman — burglary of a habitation and burglary of a building;

Sarah Thacker, 26, of Sherman — burglary of a habitation and possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine);

Brandon Skaggs, 43, of Howe — aggravated assault with a deadly weapon;

James Hodges, 44, of Bonham — driving while intoxication (3rd or more);

Taylor Durrett, 24, of Gordonville —two counts of abandon a child criminal negligence;

Cody Bowling, 26, of Gordonville — two counts of abandon a child criminal negligence;

Shana Handlang, 57, of Cartwright, Oklahoma — burglary of a building;

Kiethen Austin, 20, of Denison — aggravated robbery;

John Lewis, 41, of Grapevine — fraud use of identification and three counts of theft of property;

Donavon Carroll, 50, of Sherman — burglary of a habitation;

Carita Ward, 38, of Whitewright — two counts of forgery;

Kaden Dick, 19, of Sherman — continuous violence against family and aggravated assault family violence impede breath;

Sherrie Holt, 53, of Gainesville — theft of property with two previous convictions;

Shannon Koishor, 37, of Sherman — aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.