Undated hamburger patties, flies in the kitchen and mold-like substances earned a Gordonville establishment a “C” in the most recent round of restaurant inspections by the Grayson County Health Department. Rock Creek Golf Club, located at 219 Club House Drive, received the lowest grade on the county’s inspections.

The health department’s summary report said inspectors observed multiple flies in the restaurant’s kitchen and and washing areas, to the point that there were “too many to count.” Sinks throughout the kitchen area lacked soap or paper towels and “mold-like” substances were observed in an ice baffle and on the exterior of at least one piece of machinery.

The Grayson County Health Department rates restaurants and other establishments that serve food based on their adherence to codes set by the Texas Department of Health. Restaurants are given an “A,” “B,” “C” or “F” score. An “A” means sanitarians reported no or only a few minor violations. Those with a “B” were found to have several minor violations, but nothing major. Restaurants with a “C” might have a major violation or repeat offenses, but in the inspectors’ opinions, nothing bad enough to warrant an “F.”

An “A” means sanitarians reported 10 or fewer demerits. Those with a “B” received 11-20 demerits. Restaurants with a “C” had 21-30 demerits and restaurants with “F” ratings received more than 30 demerits.

The following establishments received a “B” on their most recent inspection:

Preston Center Convenience,83462 N.Hwy 289, in Pottsboro;

Southern Crispy Donuts, 315 E. FM 120, in Pottsboro;

The following establishments received an “A” on their most recent inspection:

Jack & Jen Child Care Center, 123 S McKown Ave, in Sherman;

Meals On Wheels/Van Alstyne Center,148 S Main St, in Van Alstyne;

The School Zone Academy, 105 Doyle St./PO Box 488, in Howe;

Up Town Kids Childcare, 498 Spence Rd, Van Alstyne;

Mom’s Café, 317 W. Hwy 120, Pottsboro;

Paradise Grill & Grocery, 23 Paradise Cove Rd Pottsboro;

Parkview Learning Center, 206 E. FM 120 E, in Pottsboro;

Denison Helping Hands, 418 W Chestnut St, in Denison;

Hannah’s BBQ, 83493 N. Hwy 289, in Pottsboro;

HPM Fuel Dock, 120 Texoma Harbor Drive, in Pottsboro;

Sunshine Center For Children, 308 Front St, in Pottsboro;

The Island Bar Grill, 120 Texoma Harbor Dr, in Pottsboro;

Elks Lodge #238 Denison, 301 W Gandy St, in Denison;

Family Dollar Store #22586, 200-A S Armstrong, in Denison;

Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge #85, 211 W Main Street, in Denison;

Lovejoys On Main Street, 138 E. Main St, in Whitesboro;

Pop’s Place Too, 21136 Hwy 56, in Southmayd;

Rock Creek Resort Marina, 1464 Marina Rd, Gordonville;

Cold Stone Creamery, 4062 N. Hwy. 75, in Sherman;

Feast on This, 1403 W. Houston, in Sherman;

Grayson Crisis Center, 4200 N. Travis St, in Sherman;

Hampton Inn & Suites, 3415 Ansley Rd, in Denison;

Holiday Inn Express-Denison, 715 N. Point Lookout Drive, in Denison;

La Quinta Inn & Suites, 801 N. US Hwy 75, in Denison;

Teriyaki Jar, 114 S Wood St, in Sherman;

Aloha, 86544 N. Hwy 289, in Pottsboro;

Brookshire’s #127, 11205 N. Hwy 289, in Pottsboro;

Brookshire’s #127 Deli/Bakery, 11205 N. Hwy 289, in Pottsboro;

Brookshire’s #127 Meat Mkt, 11205 N. Hwy 289, in Pottsboro;

Brookshire’s #127 Produce, 11205 N. Hwy 289, in Pottsboro;

Cruisers at Eisenhower Yacht Club, 2141 Park Road 20, in Denison;

Eisenhower Yacht Club boat dock, 2141 Park Road 20, in Denison;

Grandpappy Point Gas Dock, 132 Grandpappy Dr, in Denison;

Mr. Ruiz Mexican Grill, 2101 S. Armstrong, in Denison;

Tackle Box, 83924 N. Hwy. 289, in Pottsboro;

Tupelo Honey Bar & Grill, 130 E. Woodard, in Denison;

Brookshire Brothers #92, 805 North Union St, in Whitesboro;

Daylight Donuts-WB, 608 N Union St, in Whitesboro;

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, 1001 N. Hwy 377, in Whitesboro;

B&R Burgers & Stuff -Mobile, 930 S. Austin, in Denison;

NTX BBQ Supply, 327 W. Crawford, in Denison;

Dollar General #1779, 2300 W. Morton St, Ste. 108, in Denison;

Kiddie Kampus II, 117 N Lillis Ln, in Denison;