Sherman residents will have the chance to decide on three proposed changes to the city’s charter when they hit the polls in November.

The three amendments are among a total of 10 proposals that have been recommended by the city.

Here are five things to know about the proposed amendments:

1. A biennial update

The city is able to modify and update their charter every two years under current law.

In March, the council approved appointing members of the council to the charter review commission. The commission recommended 10 changes to the ordinance, including seven that represented as routine updates based on updated laws and could be approved by council vote.

2. Change to partial terms

The current charter states that if a council member fills in less than half of an unexpired two-year term, it would not be considered a full term for their term limit. The update will change this to reflect that the council now serves three-year terms.

3. Changes to terms

Another amendment would directly affect how many consecutive terms a member can serve on the council.

Under the current charter, a member is limited to two consecutive terms as a council member and two consecutive terms as mayor. The proposed amendments would make it to where a member can serve four terms in any combination of the two roles.

4. Planning and zoning terms

The final change that will be considered by voters will adjust the city’s planning and zoning board to have terms that mirror those of city council members.

5. Change order adjustments

While not up for vote, the council is proposing a change to it’s policy on change orders. The city is proposing that the city manager be able to approve a change order increasing or decreasing a contract by $50,000 without the need of council approve. This will bring the city in line with what is allowed by the state.

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