The widening of F.M. 1417 has lead to a number of construction projects along the roadway. Now the city of Sherman is being faced with a Texas Department of Transportation mandate to relocate some of the city’s water lines that are in TxDOT right-of-ways in along the road.

The Greater Texoma Utility Authority met on Monday afternoon to approve the $2,895,000 bonds necessary for the city to complete the work.

“Sherman has waterlines that are in TxDOT right-of-way and they need to get out of the way,” GTUA General Manager Drew Satterwhite said. “The way that works is if a city is in it’s own right-of-way and they need to acquire additional right-of-way they will reimburse the city for the right-of-way if they have to expand. If a city is in TxDOT’s right-of-way the city has to get their lines out of the way.”

Satterwhite said it is not uncommon for this type of situation to come up. Sherman will pay for the money upfront and use the same contractor to do the water line as the road construction. That will prevent delays.

TxDOT is asking for the check on Sept. 1, and GTUA will issue the bonds to reimburse the city.

Satterwhite said because it is an open market bond, the board will have a 60 days to shop for the bonds through the water development board. This was determined as necessary due to the immediacy of the funding.

The bond resolution will still have to be formally approved by the Sherman City Council before GTUA can issue them on the city’s behalf. The topic is scheduled to be discussed at the city’s Oct. 7 meeting.