Sunny Paige began during the hot summer-time of 2008 and started out as a small retail/home-makeover shop in Whitesboro. Now, eight years later, they have enlarged the business to the Harris family's 2-story, 5-bedroom home on Center St. in Whitesboro.

“Sometimes we just need to start over; go back to square one and reinvent ourselves somehow. When work never really felt like work, but now does, something's gone haywire,” said Cynthia Harris of Sunny Paige boutique in Whitesboro recently about the changes they are making to the shop just behind Main Street.

“Currently we carry clothes, gifts, shoes & home decor. Recently however, it felt like the Art of the shop had been lost,” she said.

So she began to try to make sense of what was missing. After giving it a lot of thought, she decided art and artisans were the missing piece. And there began the Art and Soul Pop-Up Markets at Sunny Paige.

Harris said she loves original art and artisans. So she decided to invite as many artisans as possible to join her at Sunny Paige in Whitesboro. She wanted all of her customers to get to enjoy the artisans beautiful gifts as much as she did. .

On Sept. 7, Art and Soul at Sunny Paige in Whitesboro will welcome 30 plus vendors to town.

In a news release about the changes, Harris said, Ashlyn Shadden McDowell, owner and founder of Boho St. Jo, works endlessly on every single detail of Art and Soul Whitesboro, ensuring quality vendors, family fun and bringing shoppers and artisans together.

“Outside and inside Sunny Paige, along with apparel, shoes, candles and gifts, you will hopefully be inspired by a renewed focus on original creative art,” Harris said.

She also said that Art and Soul invites all vendors and shoppers to put Sept. 7 on their calendar. There will be shopping, food, painting, artisans, plant stations, flower making, live music, photo booth, and so much more.