Texoma has had a nearly 3 percent unemployment rate for nearly 2 years, and July’s Texas Workforce Commission report showed the region was sitting at 3.2 percent unemployment compared to last month’s 3.1 percent.

Workforce Solutions Texoma Executive Director Janie Bates answered some questions via email about the economy and what the fairly consistent rate means.

Q. What does this current job report tell us about Grayson County?

A. It tells us the economy is still going strong and this is a great place to live and work.

Q. What are some of the trends we’ve been seeing? Are those trends holding true?

A. The trends of low unemployment tells us that most people who want a job have one. High income earners or those who have very specialized skills may have a harder time finding jobs at the same level they had before. It also tells us that companies looking for entry level workers will have a harder time finding people.

Q. Should we expect the numbers to move significantly from July to August? What about heading into the fall?

A. With the holidays approaching we believe the numbers will hold steady or go lower. Retailers will soon be ramping up for the season and many are already experiencing a shortage of workers. It will be a good season for high school and college students to fins temporary jobs.

Q. What forces are driving the local numbers right now?

A. A strong economy based on good sales.

Q. Are there any indicators the economy is slowing down? Growing? Staying the same?

A. We see nothing to indicate a slowing. Many of our companies are hiring and expanding while new businesses are continually looking at Texoma. The housing industry is also going strong.

Q. How does this July compare to previous years? Was it a typical month or was there anything out of the ordinary

A. Unemployment has held steady at around 3 percent for about 2 years so there are no significant changes.

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