In the near future, teen boys in Grayson County may be sent to TrueCare Behavioral Solutions for post adjudication treatment on a space available basis. Grayson County Commissioners this week approved a contract that will allow treatment center to house the young men.

They also approved a contract for similar treatment at Gulf Coast Trade Center.

“They treat behavioral health and substance abuse,” Grayson County Juvenile Services Director Lisa Thomlinson said. “Most of the time when we send kids to these programs, the funding comes from state money, but it just depends.”

According to the contract approved by commissioners, the cost of the treatment in Brownwood will be $162.30 per day per teen housed for the county.

“This is just getting us in line,” she said about getting the paperwork in place should the county decide a child needs those types of services. The program focuses on boys mostly.

“It is an independent, for-profit company that took over one of the old (Texas Youth Commission) facilities in Brownwood, right across the street from the current (TYC) facility and have made some improvements to that facility,” she said.

Commissioners also approved a contract with Gulf Coast Trades Center for residential services for youth from the Juvenile Services Department, and Thomlinson said the contract with Gulf Course a post adjudication center that is not a locked down facility.

“Their specialty is vocational training,” she said.

She said some kids do well in a non-secured facility.

“They thrive there. They want to be able to get the education and the technical training so we try to fit the child to the program,” she explained.

The contract approved by commissioners shows that the county will pay $103 per day per child in the moderate facility at Gulf Coast and $162.30 per child per day in a specialized level at Gulf Coast.