The Southmayd woman who was arrested naked while her home burned back in May 2018 took a plea this week. Shannon Ouellette pleaded guilty to arson, two counts of assault on a peace officer, a charge of abandon or endanger a child and one count of possession of marijuana.

A sentencing date has been set for 1:30 p.m. Nov. 4 in the 397th state District Court with Judge Brian Gary presiding.

Shannon Ouellette was indicted on the charges back in August of 2018 along with her husband Michael.

At the time of the incident, Southmayd Police Chief Chad McKee said he and other officers were dispatched to the family’s residence after receiving reports from neighbors that the Ouellette’s home was on fire. Neighbors said the parents and their 13-year-old daughter left without wearing any clothes and told them it was the “wrath of God” and the “end times” before walking to nearby Highway 56.

The chief said he attempted to make contact with the family along the highway and the father attacked him.

“I was charged at by the male and that’s when I was struck,” McKee said. “Due to the adult female also coming over, to try to intervene while I was in the scuffle with the man, that’s when I backed off. We let them walk off and followed as we waited for backup.”

McKee said the mother, father and daughter walked through several fields before officers attempted to restrain them. However, McKee said the mother bit another officer on the hand, and the father was largely able to resist officers’ attempts to disable him.

“We ended up tazing the male several times with very little effect,” McKee said. “He just continued on.”

While law enforcement was working to detain the family, firefighters worked to save their home from the fire. Flames burned a detached carport and the outside of the house. Crews found combustible material near the fire and contacted the Plano Police Department Bomb Squad after discovering bags with wires in and around them. Residents who lived on the street were evacuated for three hours while the bags were X-rayed and determined not to be a threat.

Michael Ouellette’s sentencing is set for 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 1 the 397th.

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Herald Democrat reporter Drew Smith contributed to this report.