Denison is looking to add a new director to oversee the city’s capital improvement projects as the city faces growing pains. As part of the budget process, Denison City Manager Jud Rex presented a plan that would authorize the creation of a new position called Capital Improvement Manager.

During the most recent City Council meeting, Rex said the new position will not be funded through the general or utility fund.

“We’re proposing to do $50-$60 million worth of water, sewer and street work in the next five years,” Rex said. “Really, in order to appropriately manage those projects and help move them forward, we would like to add a capital improvement manager position to be funded through the CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) dollars. Again this will be focused solely on how to move forward with our water and waste water improvements that we’re proposing through the CIP.”

Rex said the city is continuing to work towards becoming a community of choice with and that several infrastructure projects were beginning in the near future towards that goal.

“Denison has a lot of projects going on, a lot of investments in our water and sewer system also our street program,” Rex said. “We just need more hands on deck to help manage those projects. There’s 20 plus projects between water, sewer and streets. We just need more manpower to help manage those through the design and construction process. That is really what this person will be doing.”

The job description has not been finalized.

Rex said once the budget is approved and the position is created, the city will start the hiring process which should be around the end of September or middle of October.

The City Council will conduct public hearings on the budget on Aug. 19 and Sept. 3 before voting on the final budget Sept. 16.

Do you think Denison is seeing enough infrastructure projects to need to create a new management position? Let Denison area reporter Richard A. Todd know. He can be reached via email at as well as on Twitter and Facebook @RichardAToddHD.