Sherman has approved the spending of $375,000 to make sure that Sherman Fire Rescue has a new place to store its excess supplies and gear for the department’s emergency medical services. The need for a new facility comes following the demolition of the former Station 4, which was relocated for the construction of the Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille and Legacy Village at the corner of FM 1417 and U.S. Highway 75.

Instead of building a new facility immediately, the city is proposing to use an existing building along Frisco Road that recently went on the market to meet this need.

“When we moved out of the old station 4, it had a basement,” Sherman Fire-Rescue Chief Danny Jones said.

This space was used to store extra medical supplies, and the basement was also where the department stored surplus fire equipment including ladders and more.

When the station was closed, most or the storage was transferred to station 5 on Frisco Road. The department utilized three storage containers to hold these supplies, but the department needed a more dedicated facility, Jones said.

At first, city officials planned to build a new storage facility near the new station 4, but a former commercial electrician’s office just north of station 5 went on the market during the budget talks, city officials said.

“We asked the chief and his hierarchy to go look at it and they feel that this building is what they are looking for,” Assistant City Manager Terrence Steele said.

The building has previously been the home to RTS Enterprises, but the owner of the business recently died, and the owner’s widow has been open to selling the facility to the city for the storage use, Steele said.

The proposed building features 2,000 square feet of warehouse space and an additional 4,000 square feet of office space. The facility also features outdoor space that will allow the city to move equipment and vehicles that had been stored at various parking lots across the city to a secured, centralized location.

As the building was in use up until recently, Steele said the property is in good condition. Possible renovations may be needed, but city officials said they are likely to be minimal.

“I suspect the scope of anything that would need to be done can be handled by ours (staff),” City Manager Robby Hefton said.

The new facility will not stop the need for a more permanent storage facility in the future. At a future date, the city still plans to build a facility at station 4 as the department looks to relocate station 5 closer to the Sherman Town Center.

When the city ultimately moves out of the fire station, city officials plan to bundle the station itself with the storage facility in one parcel as a way of making the property more marketable, Jones said.

“We feel that we will get our money back when we decide to move,” he said.

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