The Sherman Police Department will have help as it scouts for the site of its future police headquarters. The Sherman City Council voted to enter into a professional services agreement with Hidell and Associates Architects for pre-design and site evaluation services for the proposed police station.

The plan to build a new station comes amid a need for a more centralized headquarters for law enforcement and space constraints at the existing facility on Travis Street.

“They’ve walked through this process with us for a couple years now,” Sherman Police Chief Zachary Flores said, describing the consultants. “They are familiar with the project, the scope and what the city of Sherman wants to see.”

In recent months, the city council has considered multiple options regarding the future hub for police operations. In mid-May, police leadership presented two options on how to best meet the department’s space needs.

One option would see the existing station renovated to temporarily-meet needs for the next several years. The other option would see the construction of a new station, with the existing facility serving as offices for city staff, including Sherman Fire-Rescue leadership who currently office out of Central Fire Station.

While no action on the matter was formally taken during the city’s annual budget retreat in June, members of the Council expressed their desire to move forward with building a new station.

As a part of the pre-design services, Sgt. Brett Mullen said the consultants will help by compiling information on prospective sites and their features. Through this, the department will have information on the topography of each site including any infrastructure and utilities that may run through the site.

Under the terms of the agreement, the city will pay up to $5,800 per site evaluated. During the Aug. 5 meeting, Flores did not indicate how many sites the city is currently considering.

Mullen said the department is looking for a site in the western portion of the city. As the city continues to develop to its west, Mullen said the department will want to be centralized within the city, and while he did not want to comment on a specific site, department officials previously said the FM 1417 corridor is among the areas being considered.

The site would also need to have easy access to major thoroughfares without the need to pass through many red lights, Mullen said.

The city is looking for a site that is 5-10 acres in size with room to expand not only the department but also serve as the site of a second city building. Mullen would not comment on what specifically the city is considering building, but used public amenities like a library as an example.

Mullen said the ideal site would likely not be located near residential developments as the station would be active constantly.

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