Sherman will soon be investing more than $100,000 into two new basketball courts. City Council recently approved a $137,362 contract with North Rock Construction for the construction of a pair of new courts at the Pecan Grove West Park.

The move comes amid efforts to bring basketball amenities to the western side of the city, and while several parks on the eastern side of the city have basketball courts, they have been absent from western portions of the city, officials said.

“Basketball is popular all year round, especially in Texas where the weather cooperates,” Parks and Recreation Manager Theresa Hutchinson said.

The designs for the park feature two full-sized courts for use. The courts will not be lit when initially built, but City Manager Robby Hefton said there are plans to add lights in the future.

The newly-awarded contract, which was put out for bid in April, was included as a part of the city’s 2019 capital projects. The courts will be built at the southeast corner of Shady Oaks and Canyon Creek, just across the street from the future Pecan Grove West Athletic Complex.

Despite not being a part of the sports complex, Hutchinson said the basketball courts will likely have a symbiotic relationship with the other nearby sports amenities, and the reason for the separate location was simply space, Hutchinson said.

“The primary reason we looked at this space was because it was the only place on this side of town with enough space,” she said.

Over the years there have been regular requests for basketball amenities in west Sherman, Hutchinson said. While she would initially refer people to the other parks, some said the amenities on the west side of Sherman were always busy or in use.

“In Old Settlers, we have two courts that are well used,” she said. “At Cherry Street there is always a pick-up game going on. Fielder is probably our least used court.”

With the addition of a new set of courts, Hutchinson said she hopes this will take some of the traffic away from the other courts and better balance it across the parks.

Hutchinson said construction is slated to begin next month with completion expected by the end of the year.

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