Sherman Police have opened two counterfeiting investigations after a local restaurant and gas station both caught suspicious bills over the weekend.

Sgt. Brett Mullen said the businesses each received the bills Saturday during attempted transactions, but the incidents did not initially appear to be connected. Mullen said the first attempt occurred shortly after 11 a.m. at the One Stop gas station and convenience store in the 1300 block of North Grand Avenue.

“A black male suspect entered the store and asked the clerk to break a $100 bill,” Mullen said. “The clerk immediately realized that the bill was counterfeit and contacted the police. That suspect then left the scene, presumably on foot.”

The second set of counterfeit bills was stopped less than three hours later at the Sonic Drive-In located in the 3400 block of North U.S. Highway 75.

“A white male suspect who was driving a gray Buick Encore attempted to pay for food with six $10 bills,” Mullen said. “Again, the car hop immediately recognized the bills as being counterfeit. She notified her manager and when the police were contacted, the suspect left the scene.”

The Sherman Police said neither suspect had been apprehended as of Monday, but if caught, both could potentially face third-degree felony charges for forgery of a government document.

“Generally, we see them (counterfeit bills) at retail stores or gas stations, places where lots of people go and cash is handled pretty regularly,” Mullen said. “Sometimes people will sneak them in with real bills to get them past clerks and employees. And in another tactic, like short-change con artists, they’ll sometimes try to get the clerk distracted or even confused so they can get away with it.”

Mullen encouraged anyone who regularly handles cash to keep an eye out for bills which lack the look and feel of authentic notes.

Drew Smith is the crime and emergency reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at