A Denison man facing trial over what his dog is alleged to have done will have to wait for his day in court.

Donal Allen of Denison was set to go on trial on one count of attack by a dog resulting in serious bodily injury Monday morning but the case was rescheduled for November. There will be a pre-trial hearing for the case in October.

Reports from when the incident at the heart of the case happened back in 2014 show that a woman reported she was attacked by a group of dogs as she was walking home from getting medication for her sick daughter. The woman said the attack happened near the railroad tracks at East Sears and North Travis Avenue.

An affidavit in the case showed that witnesses to the attack described the dogs to investigating officers. Those officers then heard from other Denison officers who said they had been called out about the dogs in the past. Those previous investigations, the officers said in the affidavit, led them to Allen as the owner of the dogs. The woman who was attacked, the affidavit said, was treated at a local hospital before being flown to Dallas for additional treatment. Several of the dogs, including those deemed to be the most dangerous based on witnesses to the attack and officers’ previous contacts with the animals, were destroyed.

Allen is represented in the case by Sherman attorney Garland Cardwell.