SULPHUR — The bison herd at Chickasaw National Recreation Area has increased with the arrival of three bison calves. The first calf was born on Mothers Day. Two more have been born in the following weeks. The herd now consists of ten bison, one bull, six cows, and three calves.

“The bison herd at Chickasaw National Recreation Area has become a mainstay for the park,” park Superintendent Bill Wright said. “When you think of Chickasaw NRA you think of bison. They are synonymous with the other iconic symbols we have here. It is always wonderful to see them thrive.”

Bison once roamed the plains by the millions, but by the late 1800s less than a thousand survived. The park herd was established in 1920, and were moved to their current pasture in 1934. Park staff coordinate with other groups, including the Choctaw Nation, to maintain the health of the herd. Bison now number nearly half a million across the continent.

For more information about Chickasaw National Recreation Area, visit or call the Travertine Nature Center at (580) 622-7234.