A number of construction delays have pushed back the opening of Denison's new experimental restaurant hub The Rail Yard TRYIncubator, which is slated to open by September. Project Coordinator Caroline Welti said between delays and changes to the plans, the business is now looking to open by September.

The new restaurant sampler will offer start ups a chance to test their concepts in the Denison market before branching out into their own locations. The site will offer short-term lease's for tenants to set up a kitchen similar in size to a food cart.

In addition to the different food options there will also be a bar, called Green Growler, which will offer a variety of locally produced alcoholic beverages to customers. The Growler will also offer drinks to go.

“We have had numerous people contact us about it,” Welti said. “In total we've had up to 13 show interest. We have a few concepts we are doing ourslves. We have four vendors lined up for sure. The last booth will be coffee and ice cream, it's the smallest booth.”

She said that construction delays have been keeping the owners from hitting their previous target of starting during the summer of 2019. Welti said there have been an increasing number of businesses getting ready to sign up, and site owners have been going through each one to ensure viability with the business model.

“We suggest people come ready wtih a business plan which includes how many orders will they have to sell to make rent,” Welti said. “We want food costs, if they have a business name already set up that is also required. Most everyone we have now are registered as LLC's and ready to go. We have to make sure they have the capital and can withstand a six-month lease term. We can help them, we look at it and then make a decision from there.”

The newest addition is Asain Shui, a vendor that will include sushi among it's offerings. Welti said that vendor will offer fried rice, hibatchi and other Asian favorites.

The Rail Yard will also house its own internal bus and customer service staff. The site is not providing wait staff but employees will clean up the spaces.

Welti also said there is a special concept that the owners are cooking up that will be announced in the near future.

“We're looking at a bunch of different ideas,” she said.

What would you like to see in the TRYIncubator when it opens? Let Denison area reporter Richard A. Todd know at Rtodd@heralddemocrat.com. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter @RichardAToddHD.