Grayson County’s chapter of the League of Women Voters is closing.

The chapter, which began in 1971 with 50 members, has seen its membership decline in recent years to the point that there were not enough people to support the chapter, said a statement from Judy Baker, recent secretary of the Grayson County chapter.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan, mulit-issue organization that believes in empowering voters and defending democracy. The league studies and advocates on issues in the public interest, but does not endorse political parties or candidates.

She said the organization has had as many 100 as members in the early 1980s. During that period, the league published voter guides and conducting several studies.

Baker said recent activities have included distribution of voter guides to local libraries and conducting voter registration drives, but “no studies have been done for several years.”

Though the group is disbanding, Baker said, it could be reformed with as few as five members. Anyone who is interested in doing so should go to

Baker said past Grayson County League of Women Voter leaders included Betty Thompson, Nana Rylander, Charlotte Spears, Carol Shea, Avo Butler, Janet Imoff, Joyce Robinson, Danna Bennet, Sara Jackson, Betty Stephens, Patricia Phillips, Sheila Shea, Jacqueline Moore, Nancy Russell, Carolyn Johnson, as well as Baker herself and many others.

Anyone in Grayson County is welcomed, Baker said, to become a statewide member of the League of Women Voters of Texas, by going to the website above and click on “Join Us.” Then under “No Local League in Your Area,” click “Pay Here” and pay $55 per year for individual membership or $75 for household membership.

Statewide members, Baker said, can hold voter registration drives if they become volunteer deputy registrars in Grayson County.