While people and businesses all around the world have been more keen about their carbon footprint and Texoma is no different. Local energy professional Ricardo Ayala believes there has been an increased demand for solar panels in this area over the last 10 years.

While many people may think that the process to get panels installed can be tough, Sun City Solar Energy of North Texas Owner Ayala said it is easier than people think.

Here are five things to think about when it comes to installing solar panels at your home.

1. Check your roof.

LG Solar Technology advises customers to first check the condition of their home’s roof to make sure that it can withstand the solar panel installation because having a solid foundation is crucial to avoid problems that could potentially arise.

“The usable life of most solar equipment exceeds 20 years, so proactively making repairs on roofs near end of life can save headaches of repairing or replacing rooftops once the solar array is installed,”

2. Gather information.

The first Ayala said his first step is to makes sure customers understand the primary goal is to reduce consumption to save money. He then tells them the benefits of going green while also helping reduce the load for the power companies who are getting an increasing number of users all the time.

“I expect the system to produce about 80 percent of my consumption over a year,” Ayala said. “I expect a very low power bill every month.”

3. Find an installer.

This is about finding someone that the customer trusts.

“Research reputable companies in your area so you’ll be confident that your installation is done correctly,” LG Solar said in a news release on its site. “Be wary of salespeople who show up at your door trying to persuade you to make an instant decision. Reputable installation companies will be registered with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, have credentials from third party organizations like NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners), or are certified installer partners of the manufacturers they represent.”

Also to learn what is most cost efficient, the buyer should get quotes from multiple installers. The installers can be a resource to learn about energy efficient as well as cost efficient products.

4. Choose your solar panels.

Look for efficient, durable solar panels from a company you already know and trust.

He said the main concerns to look out for are city regulations and the orientation of the roof of the building. He said ideally it needs to be a sun-facing roof but that is not always possible. He also cautioned checking with local city regulations regarding orientation of panels.

5. Arrange installation.

Most solar installations take from one to three days, depending on your situation.

“A 2019 study by Zillow shows that homes with solar sell on average 4.1 percent higher than homes without on-site solar,” the LG Solar release said. “A Federal Investment Tax Credit that provides a 30 percent credit off the installed cost of solar is set to begin declining at the end of 2019, making now the best time to evaluate going solar. Make sure you choose an installation company and solar products that are high quality from a brand you trust, and your project will be successful. Then all you need to do is let the sun love your home.”

To learn more about solar technology for your home, please visit LG.com/Solar.

Herald Democrat reporter Richard Todd contributed to this story.