A second Domino's Pizza restaurant is coming soon to downtown Denison. While a location currently sits at 3415 W. FM 120, a second location is being planned in the heart of Denison's historic downtown district at 228 W. Main Street.

The newest establishment will be the first national chain restaurant on Main Street in Denison.

Bill Wastoskie, the broker who is facilitating the new location, said the franchise operator who has the other store in Denison is looking to expand to keep up with growing demand on the city's east side, and the downtown building was selected because of the excitement surrounding the upcoming downtown renovation project that city staff refer to as “D3.”

“We wanted to get in on the revitalization of downtown,” Wastoskie said. “We found an opportunity after searching for over a year. We moved on it quickly. Combined with the other projects going on around Main Street, he (the owner) felt it was a location he needed to be.”

Wastoskie said the plans are to open late fall or sometime in October if everything works out. The franchise owner has already begun purchasing equipment and renovating the location getting it ready for the move. And while there were some administrative challenges with the city due to the designation of the historical district, Wastoskie said the Historic Preservation Committee has already given the approval to begin work.

Denison City Manager Jud Rex said the city is excited for the new business as it builds enthusiasm for the renovation project.

“Additional dining experiences in the downtown area will help attract residents and visitors to Main Street,” Rex said. “Restaurants go hand in hand with the overall entertainment experience that we are creating downtown. Domino's is one of many dining establishments that have recently opened or are under development.”

Rex said the city is not expecting parking to be an issue as there is ample parking for the delivery drivers and customers both. He said the surrounding offices are mostly open during the day with Domino's peak hours being in the evening. He said that should allow plenty of parking for everyone to go around.

Denison Development Alliance Vice President of Business Development William Myers said the developer came to DDA specifically seeking a location downtown, and they were able to find him a building that was not on the market at the time but was suitable for his needs.

Myers said there has been an increased interest in downtown since the city began talking about the renovations and Domino's isn't the only national retailer that expressed interest. He said when Subway came to the city and the plan was to get as close to downtown as possible. Subway also had to go through the historical preservation committee back in 2017 before beginning construction at the property located at 209 S. Austin Ave. The eatery still has not opened its doors downtown.

Wastoskie said Domino's is aggressively expanding in the North Central Texas region. He said there are a number of other locations in different planning stages, including one in Van Alstyne.

“A lot of it is driven by demand not just for Domino's but also retail,” Wastoskie said. “As the population increases, in order to be able to deliver effectively there needs to be more locations. Our population is seeing a little bit of a boom right now. That is driving the need to get into neighborhoods. The other factor is ensuring reasonable delivery times. There is so much demand for retailer establishments and Domino's is taking a lead on that.”