Those who enjoyed the cooler temperatures the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma area experienced for the last few days are in for a bit of a rude shock. The heat is coming back this weekend.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Eric Martello said the area has a slight chance at some showers early next week with the best chance probably being Monday night.

“Lot of uncertainty still this far out,” he said about the possibility of storms.

One thing that is certain, he said, is the humidity is coming back.

“We are going to get some of the south winds back and then our upper ridge that has been sitting off to our west may build back east across us a little bit,” Martello said.

The good news is, he said, NWS is not expecting to need to issue any heat advisories from that weather pattern.

“Just more (of) your normal summertime heat,” Martello said. “We’ve been kind of spoiled that this little front here the last few days (came) with the slightly dryer and cooler air.”

Martello said the cold front sinking so low so early doesn’t really mean much as far as what is likely to happen for the rest of the summer.

“Every year is different,” he said. “Ee are in a little bit of an abnormal pattern.”

Martello said that subtropical high that normally sits over North Texas and Southern Oklahoma at this time of the year is not quite as strong as it usually is. That combined with the late spring and early summer rains that the area experienced have led to some cooler than normal temperatures, he explained.

Martello said the NWS doesn’t keep records for 100 degree days for this area specifically, but its data shouldn’t vary that much from the Dallas area, which recorded its latest first 100-degree day on Aug. 23, 1989. Two years, 1906 and 1973, showed no 100-degree days for the entire summer.

The forecast in place as of Thursday night does not show an actual 100-degree day for the Texoma area through Aug. 1.