Early details in the discovery of a Sherman teenager, who was found safe after being reported missing for 10 days, are beginning to emerge. Emma Stokes, 16, of Sherman, and Anna Frankman, 16, of Idaho, were found safe in Denver Wednesday afternoon following their disappearance from a therapeutic foster care facility in Park County, Colorado.

Both girls were in Colorado seeking mental health treatment.

“Sheriff (Tom) McGraw contacted CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) who immediately responded with Wheat Ridge Police Department to the area,” the Park County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page Wednesday. “Within a short amount of time the 2 Runaway females were located and are being escorted to the Park County Sheriff’s Office in Bailey.”

Aaron Gage, who organized a Facebook page dedicated to the search for Emma, confirmed in a phone interview that the family has been reunited and is staying in the Colorado Springs area. The family is not releasing any details on how Emma was discovered at this time and is asking for privacy in the coming days, Gage said.

“The next few days are going to be just as stressful, emotional as the last 10 or 11 have been,” he said in a video posted to Facebook.

During a phone call with Gage Thursday, he confirmed that Emma and Anna were found in the Denver area, but gave little other details. However, he said early media accounts have been inaccurate or only had part of the details.

The Park County Sheriff’s Department posted some information on the search Wednesday afternoon prior to the announcement of the discovery.

The Park County Search and Rescue Team was activated the day after the disappearance, but returned no results. A tracking dog was also utilized and tracked the girls to State Road 285, but lost the scent. It was believed that the pair were travelling North toward Denver and law enforcement and media in the area were notified.

The sheriff’s office contacted both the FBI Denver office and the CBI, but both agencies were only able to provide analytical assistance. There was no analytical information available from the two girls to provide to the agencies, the department said. Neither Anna nor Emma had a cell phone or credit card that could be tracked.

In addition to law enforcement, Gage said there were about 50 volunteers for both families on the ground searching for the pair. This was supported by an active social media presence, and a Facebook Group with more than 13,000 members spreading information about the disappearance.

“I just know that they haven’t been able to express it because their minds have been in other places, but they are deeply grateful for all the support,” Gage said of the Stokes family.

Michael Hutchins is a reporter for the Herald Democrat. He can be reached at MHutchins@HeraldDemocrat.com.