After nearly a year of vacancy, a freestanding emergency room in Sherman may soon see new life. Dallas-based Trusted ER recently announced plans to open its doors along the intersection of West Travis Street and U.S. Highway 75 in early August.

The site was previously used by the Emergency Center of North Texas, one of three freestanding ERs open for business in Sherman in 2018. The facility closed its doors in September 2018 after only eight months of business. Representatives for the business attributed the closure to a harsh business environment and unexpected expenses.

“We hope to bring our own level of care to the Texoma area,” said Brett Jeanblanc, Trusted ER regional director of business development.

Trusted ER has been in existence for some time, but expanded to freestanding ER's about two years ago, Jeanblanc said. Currently, the business operates facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including in Dallas, Coppell and Hurst.

The new emergency room would feature a boutique style based on service and speed. Patients will be seen within minutes and there will be little to no wait. The front lobby was stocked Wednesday afternoon with snacks and drinks and there was a counter filled with various chocolates and candies.

The 24-hour emergency room will feature nine treatment rooms, including dedicated space for pediatrics and observation. The facility will also feature a dedicated spa room equipped with a massage table.

“It is definitely going to be game changing and different than just getting medicine for the road,” he said.

Jeanblanc said the construction needs for the facility have been relatively light as the building is almost brand new, and Trusted ER Facility Administrator Steve McCraw said the company was able to acquire the facility for “pennies on the dollar.”

“The footprint was here, so we didn't have to move any walls,” Jeanblanc said.

The facility is expected to employ about 10 physicians, but will also work with area specialists to provide care at the emergency room. Trusted ER is not affiliated specifically with one hospital in the region, but plans to form agreements with both Texoma Medical Center and Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center.

Despite the failure of the previous ER on the site, Jeanblanc said he was optimistic about the future of the company in North Texas.

“We do everything in our own scale,” he said.

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