The area reaped the benefits of Denison’s ongoing relationship with Cognac, France this week. A number of French students took a tour of the area and got to learn about North Texas this week.

Denison has had a relationship with Cognac since 1887 when Thomas Volney Munson’s grape researched helped save France from an economic collapse in the 1880s. The students were part of the Denison Sister Cities exchange which has been going on since 1992.

Denison Director of Community Engagement Sunny Mackey heads the program, and she said it continues to be important to the citizens of both cities.

“We are always open and constantly looking for how we can add to this,” Mackey said. “The biggest success this program has seen has always been this exchange. We want to continue that. We want to look for different ways to continue that relationship.”

The program provides opportunities for students to experience another culture.

“There are a lot of different benefits,” Mackey said. “For those kids, there is the language barrier. Yet, they form these bonds, these relationships. It is a great experience to have that relationship with both cities.”

In July 2018, the Denison City Council voted to accept Denison Sister Cities, Inc. as a city entity.

Denison students went to Cognac France in May and brought their counterparts back to see their hometown. The students visited city hall Monday where Mayor Janet Gott introduced them to the City Council.

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