Despite weather delays, officials with Douglass Distributing hope to unveil the company’s latest gas station at the southeast corner of FM 1417 and U.S. Highway 75 by this fall, and the station, alongside Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille will make up two major anchors for future growth on what is becoming a growth corridor for the city of Sherman.

The store and gas station was originally slated to be completed by March.

“If you notice, we finally have a lot of iron going up now,” Douglass Distributing CEO Brad Douglass said.

Once completed, the station will feature several firsts for Douglass Distributing and its chain of fueling stations. The station will feature 10 pumps and include the first location in Grayson County where owners of diesel vehicles can purchase diesel exhaust fluid from the pump. The next closest location that offers this service is the Melissa Buck-ee’s station, Douglass said.

The gas station is being built on the former site of a Sherman fire station which was constructed below grade. As such, the site was prone to flooding where construction on the foundation was taking place.

The site has been a target for development for some time, but it only recently became available for development due to the fire station, Douglass said. His interest started when the city made moves to restore and redevelop an old truck stop that what now serves as the Schulman’s MBG site.

Douglass was then able to purchase the hard corner of the intersection from Schulman. Despite separate ownership, Douglass said he is using the same architects that worked on the Schulman’s site and the two developments will compliment each other.

“We are trying to pull this together as one cohesive unit so when customers go by it is a consistent look,” he said.

Douglass described his business as an “interceptor,” in that the station itself is not a destination. Instead, the station will capture business by putting itself on a path between destinations. In many cases, these destinations are home, the workplace or recreation and leisure attractions.

The station will also feature power stations for electric vehicles to recharge their batteries. Douglass previously installed a similar station at its Valero location at the corner of U.S. Hwy. 82 and U.S. Hwy. 75.

The site will also be the home of the county’s first Pie Five restaurant. Douglass compared the new pizzeria restaurant to Subway chain of restaurants. Diners will be able to walk down a line of ingredients and choose what they want on their pizza similar to the sandwich shop chain.

Douglass said the restaurant will target nearby workers who are have short lunch breaks and need something close by.

“It will be a quick lunch that we can serve them,” he said.

Michael Hutchins is the Sherman reporter for the Herald Democrat. He can be reached at