The search continues for a Sherman teen who went missing in Colorado earlier this month. Emma Stokes, 16, of Sherman reportedly left a therapeutic foster care home in Park County Colorado where she was seeking mental health treatment on July 7.

Since the disappearance, the search for Emma and Anna Frankman, of Weston, Idaho, has crossed multiple states thanks to support and awareness spread social media.

“There is not really much to update on the search,” said Lisa Stokes regarding the search for her daughter Tuesday morning. “We don’t feel like they are in Park County anymore.”

The two teenagers left the Colorado facility where they were seeking mental health treatment some time around 10 p.m. and after it was discovered they were missing, search dogs tracked the pair’s trail toward U.S. Highway 285, before losing scent. It is believed that the two may have been picked up by someone.

“This could be an abduction because they have literally vanished,” Lisa Stokes said.

Lisa Stokes commended the efforts of local investigators, but said the rural, mountainous county has limited resources to commit to the case. The family has requested that the Park County Sheriff’s office request assistance from the FBI and Colorado Bureau of Investigations in the case. Law enforcement in Denver have also been consulted, Jerry Stokes said.

“They are not a typical runaways in mental state,” Lisa Stokes said. “They can’t make decisions like a typical teenager.”

Since the disappearance, Lisa Stokes said she has kept in regular contact with the family of Anna, but they are uncertain if the two teenagers are still traveling together.

In the days following the search, Stokes family friend Aaron Gage created a Facebook page titled Pray for Emma to assist in the search. Since it’s creation, more than 13,000 people from across the globe have joined to express their sympathy and assist in spreading word about the disappearance.

“The more that we talk about it, the better chance we can get it to national news,” Gage said.

With limited resources on the ground, Gage said the family has had to rely on word of mouth and social media to spread the word. Members of the community have also started reaching out to celebrities, media personalities and national reporters for assistance in getting the word out. Among the famous names that have helped was journalist Nancy Grace, who retweeted messages about the disappearance.

“We just heard this morning that she spoke about it on her XM Radio station,” Gage said.

John Walsh, creator of America’s Most Wanted, has also been approached for assistance, but has not responded, Gage said. Producers with Dateline have been approached and have said they plan to feature the case on their television programs, but details have yet to be determined, he added.

The Facebook page has provided some leads, but members of the Stokes family said they have been careful about posting updates in the search in case Emma may be watching and trying to avoid being found. Beyond the tips, Lisa Stokes said her family have received support and prayers from people as far away as South Africa, Australia and Brazil.

“The outpouring of love is so humbling that I really don’t like talking about it,” she said. “It is very, very mind blowing.”