The Texoma area will remain under a heat advisory through Wednesday thanks to above-average temperatures and the return of high humidity. The Weather Service has issued heat advisories for dozens of counties in North Texas and southern Oklahoma and while those advisories indicate a feels-like temperature of at least 105 degrees, National Weather Service Meteorologist Matt Bishop said Grayson county has yet to actually hit triple digit heat this summer.

“We’re a few degrees above normal to begin with, as we’re looking at highs in the upper 90s over the next couple of days,” Bishop said. “With that, we have dew-point temperatures that are going to be at or above 70 degrees, at least through Wednesday.”

Combined with the moisture at the surface with the high temperatures, the heat index values will be around 105 degrees.

“On average, our first 100-degree day usually comes in early July, but the highest so far this year was back on July 10th and that was 99 degrees in Sherman,” Bishop said. “Otherwise, we’ve seen a few other days reach into the upper mid 90s.”

Light winds of 10-15 miles per hour are expected to make conditions slightly more bearable as the week continues, Bishop said. But, sunny skies and even slight changes in the forecast could keep advisories in place through Friday

“It looks like we might get a couple of degrees cooler on Thursday, but it’s still going to be hot and it will still probably create a heat index of over 100 degrees,” Bishop said. “And we’ll be keeping close watch to see if we need to extend or re-issue.”

Bishop also encouraged members of the public to exercise caution when working or playing outside.

“Make sure that you try to limit your activity outdoors during the daytime hours,” Bishop. “But if you do have plans to be outside, take frequent breaks, find some shade and stay hydrated. Also be sure to take care of those pets because they’re more susceptible to the heat.”

Temperatures are likely to hold in the mid to upper 90s throughout the weekend, but humidity is expected to fall on Saturday and Sunday. Until then, Bishop said there is definitely one thing Texomans could use to find some comfort.

“We just have to be thankful for air conditioning, I guess,” Bishop said.

Drew Smith is a reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at