Denison elementary school expansions will be the focus of the upcoming Denison Independent School District board meeting. Corgan Architects Chief Architect Steve Hulsey will give the presentation on the proposed expansion of Mayes and Hyde Park Elementary schools Monday.

The meeting will be held at 4 p.m. at the Administration Building.

“What I am hoping will happen is the board will get more detail on the recommendations,” Denison ISD Superintendent Henry Scott said. “Hopefully they will be able to come together with a plan to call a bond issue in August. There won’t be any action reached at this meeting. We’re posting it as a study session. We want to ask questions and get more information.”

Scott said the district needs to look at all angles before it brings the bond issue to the voters, and he wants to ensure the public is aware the district needs to do something about the overcrowding at the elementary level.

The meeting Monday will have the architect presenting his designs for the school board to ask questions, and while the meeting is open to the public, there won’t be a public hearing to receive comments from individuals outside of the board. Scott said that will come at a later time.

Due to the capacity issues facing Mayes and Hyde Park Elementary Schools, Scott said that if something isn’t done soon the district is going to have to begin looking at adding temporary buildings to those two campuses to provide some relief to the students and teachers.

The DISD school board voted to accept a plan last month that calls for holding a bond election to raise between $20-22 million to expand the two campuses in question.

At the meeting, board members raised the question of building a new campus entirely rather than adding onto the existing ones. The discussion centered on where to construct them as well as purchasing land, changing school zones for students to attend the new campus as well as the need to hire additional staff.

“At the meeting (last month) there were a couple of questions that came up that will need to be addressed,” Scott said. “They will have questions on how the proposal will provide relief at the elementary schools. Hopefully it will lead to a final plan that will be presented to bring to the tax payers in November for their consideration.

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