Updated with the correct highway name.

Folks who travel on Refuge Road between State Highway 289 and Airport Road in Precinct 4 might want to find alternate routes this week. Grayson County Commissioner Bart Lawrence said he is going to close the road around midday on Thursday for about a month.

The alternate route will be Hagerman Road.

Lawrence said the road will be rebuilt, and the 30-day time period depends upon a lot of things including the weather so people should understand that it is going to be closed for at least 30 days.

“We are going to widen it and level it and take all of the hills out of it,” he said.

He said that section of the road, “was just a disaster” and instead of trying to just replace the top, he decided it was best to completely rebuild.

“It will be a straight and almost level shot across the airport,” Lawrence said.

He said he is hoping they can get the job done in 30 days but the recent weather makes him concerned about giving a hard timeline.

“Rain doesn't take as long to dry in the summer,” Lawrence said adding that if the area gets an inch of rain in the winter, it could take a week for it to dry out enough for work to continue. In the summer however, that wait is cut down to a day or two at the most.

He said they redid Hagerman Road last year in preparation for this project to make sure that Hagerman could take the additional traffic.

Lawrence said he didn't have a cost estimate yet for the project but the funds will come out of his road and bridge budget.