Signage for two new developments along two Texoma growth corridors have been cleared by the Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission. During the group’s June meeting, officials approved variances for New Heritage Baptist Church on FM 1417 and Legends Bank on FM 691 for new signage.

“Jesus said, ‘Let your light so shine before men so that others may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven,” New Heritage Baptist Church Pastor Rod Shepherd said. “And this is what we are endeavoring to do at New Heritage — that sign is a part of our gospel strategy to spread the truth that Jesus loves, saves and restores.”

The church approached the city with plans to build signage at 2122 S. FM 1417 where it is building a new church. The proposed monument signage would be 72 square feet in size and would be five feet from the property line in lieu of the 25 feet required under city code.

Kyle Boothe, representing Bluestone Drafting and Design, said the church is requesting the variance to increase its visibility to the church site, which could be easily missed from the highway.

Sherman Director of Engineering Clint Philpott said there were issues with the request due to future plans to expand the roadway within the next five years. The city has since moved forward with drafting schematics for the future roadway that include a 25-foot right-of-way for the expansion.

If the church did build the sign at the requested location, it would likely need to remove it and replace it at its expense in the near future.

As an alternative, Sherman Director of Developmental Services Scott Shadden suggested placing the sign at the required 25-foot mark while also getting the variance approved. This would place the sign within five feet of the roadway once it is expanded while also keeping it within conformity with the city’s code, he said.

Boothe said he would need to speak to church leaders for a final decision, but he said the idea made sense to him.

The commission also approved a second request for signage related to the new Legend Bank being constructed on the southeast corner of FM 691 and U.S. Highway 75. The bank requested a variance that would allow it to consider a 50-foot tall sign, in lieu of the required 12-foot signage, about 40 feet from the property line.

“There are a lot of topographical challenges in the area as well as trees … so we are trying to get a sign to get some visibility from (U.S.) 75,” said Matt Brown, who represented the bank.

Brown said that the sign would be about 90 feet from the property line instead of the 40 mentioned in the request. He also noted that QuikTrip, which is located across the highway, have a sign that is 75 feet tall and only 20 feet from the roadway.

“We are a very good ways away from any traffic or cars with our sign,” Brown said.