More than 50 children and a few adults were entertained by Marty the Magician at the Denison Library Saturday.

Marty Westerman has been entertaining for more than 30 years, and this week’s summer reading program made for Westerman’s 19th visit to the library.

“If you don’t practice and you mess up for one trick, you mess it up for all the magicians,” was the advice Westerman said his mentor gave him. “That hit me hard. I said if I am going to put the time in, I am going to be one of the best.”

The smiles on kids faces is what motivates Westerman to continue the trade. He said no matter what life goes on. He told a story about how he did a show immediately following 9/11 and a little girl’s laughter moved the whole audience in the venue and that touched him.

During Saturday’s show, he performed a number of tricks ranging from traditional card games to more elaborate illusions. The one that got the most audience reaction from was when he made a girl from the audience levitate.

The show was not without its skeptics.

One girl jumped up in the middle of a trick and began investigating Westerman’s table of props while in the middle of his act. The child was quickly pulled back to her seat and the performer continued on unabashed.

Westerman said he does not see himself as just a kids magician he sees himself as a family magician. He said his favorite part is bringing the audience into the show. He said that gives them a memory they will take with them.

One girl he brought up to be included said after the show she was thrilled to be a part of the show as she saw him previously in Bonham.

“Most people who walk away will have a story to tell,” Westerman said. “I happen to be lucky enough to be a part of that.”

Associated Library Director Steve Mcgowen said the library strives to have different performers each Saturday.

“We really liked Marty,” he said. “We thought he had a really good approach to his act. We felt he would really connect with our patrons. He is a really talented guy. I think it went over really well today.”

Mcgowen said while the library tries to bring different entertainers that will blend fun and education for the children, the popular shows are ones with animals.

The next event a part of Denison’s summer reading program will be the Wild Things Zoofari to held at 10 a.m. Saturday at the library.