A dermatology clinic is one step closer to being able to call Denison home. The Denison Planning and Zoning Commission approved an updated site plan Tuesday for the facility to be located at 5130 Pool Road.

Denison Planner Bill Medina presented the item to the commission and it had been originally approved in February 2018 as a two-story site with 50 parking spaces. The updated site plan included for a change to a single-story building with 63 parking spaces.

The applicant had requested a variance to grant a change in materials to allow for 27 percent metal to be used instead of the required masonry, Medina said.

Commissioner Brett Evans raised the question of the ordinance requiring masonry, and Medina said the requirement was because the site was in the overland district.

Chairman Charles Shearer said since the regulations were going to be updated in September to allow for the materials there wasn’t a need to deny the variance and it was approved as presented.