Victor Salazar-Medrano, 31, found out Tuesday that he will have to serve seven years in prison for his 3rd driving while intoxicated charge. He was found guilty of that charge back in January in the 397th state District Court.

Salazar was originally set for sentencing in March but a question came up then about how the ICE hold attached to his record would impact his chances for parole. Judge Brian Gary gave Assistant Grayson County District Attorney Donnie Carter and defense attorney Marcus Olds time to research that question and set the sentencing hearing for Tuesday morning.

A lack of an interpreter for Salazar at that Tuesday morning hearing pushed the case back to the afternoon.

Testimony in the trial back in January showed that at approximately 10 a.m. on March 3, Howe Police Officer Oscar Martinez responded to a 911 call of a reckless driver on northbound Highway 75. The officer stopped the vehicle and observed signs coming from the driver including the odor of alcohol and slurred speech , and found an open beer.

After a series of field sobriety tests, Martinez determined the driver was intoxicated and placed him under arrest. Martinez transported the Salazar-Medrano to Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center where a blood draw was taken. The blood alcohol results were .187, over twice the legal limit.

Salazar-Medrano had twice before been convicted of DWI. The first was in February 2009 in Dallas County and the second was in September 2010 in Tarrant County.

The jury took less than 20 minutes to return its verdict in January.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Gary said he understood that the research revealed that Salazar would do his time in prison as anyone else might and get credit for it the same way anyone would. Then if he were to be granted parole, he would be be turned over to ICE instead of being released on parole.