Updated. There are five major roadways the city of Denison will be focusing on for the 2020 fiscal budget. During the city's recent budget workshop, Denison City Manager Jud Rex talked about roads quite a bit as being a major component of the city's plans for the foreseeable future.

The five streets the city wants to focus on are Flora Lane, Loy Lake Road, Waterloo Lake Drive, Crawford Street and Edwards Drive. Rex said each road has its own set of issues the city needs to address.

“We have done a good job accelerating these as priorities,” Rex said. “These streets in particular are beyond repair. We are trying to move up the timeline on them as soon as possible to get them accomplished. We will replace the utility lines, water and sewer lines, improve the drainage system on the streets and we're also we're going to include pedestrian improvements in these corridors as well to make sure its not just a street for cars but pedestrians as well.”

Denison is projecting to spend a total of $22.4 million dollars towards street improvements for fiscal year 2020. The majority of the money, $12.6 million, will come from general fund bonds, with the remaining $9.8 coming from utility capital improvement project bonds and street repair funds. The bond payments will begin in 2021.

The stretch of Flora Lane the city is focused on for 2020 is between Lum Lane to Imperial Drive. The improvements the city is looking to make include curb and gutter as well as drainage. There will be work on sidewalks as well as water and sewer lines. The project is expected to begin in the near future and is projected to take ten months with the city's goal of having it completed by the fall of the 2020-2021 school year.

The second major street project is a stretch of Loy Lake Road between U.S. Highway 75 to Odell Ave. The project will include curbs, gutters, sidewalks, water, sewer and drainage. The city is projecting design and construction to take place in 2020.

The first two streets were the ones Rex called high priority, and Lora Lane is especially important due to the traffic related to the Denison Independent School District having two campuses in the vicinity.

Waterloo Lake Drive between Lang Ave to Loy Lake Road is expected to be completed during 2020 fiscal year. The work needed includes curbs, gutters, drainage, sidewalks and widening. The section is important to the city's future Katy Trail plans as well as its proximity to Waterloo Park. The major concerns Rex said were heavy pedestrian use.

The fourth street the city is looking at is Crawford Street between Lillis Lane to Flora Lane. The city is looking at work that includes drainage, gutter, curbs, widening and sidewalks. The major considerations for the project are the drainage issues and the schools in the area. The design phase is expected to begin by 2021 with construction to begin in 2022.

A little further out the city is next looking at Edwards Drive from Crawford Street to Day Street. The city is looking to complete the curb, gutter, drainage and sidewalk work by 2022 with design to begin in 2021.

The financial considerations for Flora Lane are projected to be completed by fiscal year 2020 with funding towards construction. The bond expenses will then be worked into the 2021 budget. Loy Lake and Waterloo Lake are on similar timetables with the other two projects to come out of 2022 budget for construction funding and 2023 for bond considerations. The funds will be budgeted accordingly to pay for the projects.