Austin College has gone before the Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission twice in the last two months to discuss new housing the college would like to bring into the area. Last week, representatives from the school met with the Commission to talk about new housing along Grand Avenue.

The proposed development would feature residential units and buildings similar to those that were built on Grand nearly a decade ago, and the meeting comes as the commission approved plans 17,500 square-foot residence building in the 1200 block of North Hurt and Bledsoe last month.

In last week’s meeting, the Commission approved the development of four new residential buildings for the college in the 700 block of N. Grand Avenue.

“It is very similar to the Villages that were built along grand about 10 years ago,” said Scott Roberson of Architecture Demarest. “So, it has the classy feel of single family homes and a similar Victorian style that is prevalent there as well.”

The development will consist of four buildings, including two individual, cottage-style units. The two remaining buildings will be two-stories tall and include three units each for a total of eight units on site. Each unit will have four bedrooms and four bathrooms for a total of 32 bedrooms in the development. An outdoor amenity is also planned between the two larger buildings.

P&Z Chair Clay Mahone noted that the proposed buildings look nearly identical to others in the area. Keeping that trend, Roberson said the developers requested a variance to the rear setback that would reduce it to just seven feet in lieu of the required 25-foot setback to match the previous developments.

“We want to keep the urban feel the same along Grand Avenue so that experience does not change,” Roberson said.

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