While Denison city staff is planning on presenting a number of items to the council for consideration Friday at the city’s annual budget workshop, City Manager Jud Rex has made it known that one hot topic will not be on the agenda. Since the rental registration program has been tabled for this budget talk, Rex said that attendees can expect to hear information about the city’s five-year capital improvement program, streets programs as well as water and sewer rates.

He also said the staff will also present revenue forecasts for the utility fund and general fund during the meeting to begin at 8 a.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn.

“We will spend time on the water and sewer rates,” Rex said. “We spent time on them at the April workshop and we’ve made changes since then. We will update the city council on that. Parks and Recreation is going to give an update on a lot of their projects they have going on. We are going to look at a lot of the building activity we see going on and hope to continue to see as well.”

Here are three things to know about the upcoming meeting.

1. Five roads

Rex said another major area the city will be spending some time on this Friday will be major improvements to five roads that he said are beyond repair.

Loy Lake Road, Crawford Street, Edwards Drive, Floral Lane and Waterloo Lake Drive will be discussed.

“We have really honed in on them with a better time frame and funding mechanism for all five of those projects,” Rex said. “Those ones in particular are beyond repair. They have to be completely rebuilt. A lot of what we do is repave or seal. These streets need a complete rebuild.”

2. Sewers, drains, taxes

Drainage issues along parts of the five roads will be discussed. Rex said Waterloo Lake Drive is one the city is paying close attention to in order to better accommodate the pedestrian traffic in the area as well as in relation to the Katy Trail project.

Rex said the city staff has also been looking at the new state regulations regarding the city’s ability to raise taxes.

3. Katy Trail improvements

Rex said the first phase for the long term project is set to go out to bid in July.

4. Anyone can attend

While the meeting is open to the public, the city is not looking for public comment on items as this time. Rex said the staff will take its findings after the workshop and will refine them down to be presented at subsequent city council meetings until September with the final budget being approved at the second meeting of that month.

5. The topics that will not be discussed

Items not on the agenda include city pay, public safety and the rental registration program.