A parking dispute between two local businesses resulted in the Denison City Council posting no parking signs along a stretch of road.

During Monday’s City Council meeting, a resolution was approved that authorized the posting of no parking signs along a stretch of Commerce Drive in order to alleviate issues relating to the parking of semi trucks in the area.

Denison City Manager Jud Rex said ACS Manufacturing had trucks delivering to their business parking in front of Reinert Paper and Safety Equipment, and the trucks would often block access to the mailbox as well as access to the Reinert facility. The city decided to step in and authorize the Denison Police Department to issue tickets for violations in order to ensure the two businesses would be able to operate without interfering with one another.

“We’ve tried different things to help with that,” Rex said. “We put up no parking signs, and we needed an ordinance so we could encourage compliance with the drivers. We worked with both companies to designate the best no parking zones to the areas that would limit impact to emergency services, mail delivery, those sorts of things. It is limited to Reinert’s property on the north side.”

Rex said the challenge for the city was how to encourage the drivers to not park there. He said ACS doesn’t own the trucks delivering to their facility as they are a third party firm. He said it was tough for the city to communicate expectations to those drivers and creating the no parking zones was the best option.

Rex said it was the second time a no parking zone was added to the city this year. The no parking signs along Waterloo Park were installed a few months ago to accommodate the increased traffic going to the dog park.

“We didn’t want vehicles parking along the side of the road where there was a lot of pedestrians and animals walking back and forth.”

Richard A. Todd is the Denison area reporter. He can be reached at RTodd@HeraldDemocrat.com.