The Denison City Council voted to approve Lynn Vessels Construction, LLC a contract to begin construction of a sewer line project along Spur 503 Monday night.

The council approved the $3.6 million dollar construction project for sewer line along Spur 503, and during Monday’s City Council meeting, officials awarded a contract with Lynn Vessels Construction, LLC for the construction of Iron Ore Interceptor Improvements.

This project is for the construction of 11,920 linear feet of 30-inch gravity sewer line. The project will cross five creeks, two open cut roads and two board roads with the construction of a junction box with a slide gate. The existing interceptor is to be plugged off and abandoned once the new construction is completed.

Lynn Vessels was selected as the lowest bidder with an amount of $3,686,372.31 to complete the project. The City Council approved funding for the project during the 2019 fiscal year budget under capital improvement projects.

“This is a project that has been a long time coming,” Public Works Director Jimmy Moon said at the meeting. “There were a total of six bids for the project. They (Lynn Vessels) had great references and have done multiple projects with Denison. We’re very aware of their capabilities. We’re very proud of that. We allocated $6.2 million dollars for this. It came in our CIP (capital improvement projects) budgeting. Obviously, it came in at $3.68. So, we’re anxious to look forward to what other projects we can move forward from our CIP list.”

Richard A. Todd is the Denison area reporter for the Herald Democrat. He can be reached by emailing