Rains have caused construction delays on the HeyDay Entertainment facility from coming to Denison’s Gateway Village. In an update on the project, CEO Brad Little said he is currently hoping the facility will be open around mid-August.

Little said the construction crews have experienced 65 days of rain delay and the delays have mostly affected the golf course area.

Little described the concept of HeyDay as similar to what people might find at a Dave and Busters or a Main Event. He said the biggest difference is HeyDay’s emphasis on providing a space specific to adults.

“The upstairs part of HeyDay is adult only,” Little said. “Meaning, you have to be 21 and above to get upstairs. It’s got bowling, a sports bar type atmosphere with pool tables and shuffle board. It more of an upscale boutique lounge type area. It is the perfect place for like corporate parties, corporate events, team building. The downstairs is your typical, although nicer family entertainment center with the family part. It has bowling, laser tag and arcade and your ropes course. On the north side of the building there is going to be a mini golf course.”

Little said there will also be full-service food and bar options on both levels as well as an outside patio.

A committee including members of the Denison Development Alliance and the developers behind Gateway Village came to meet with him and his wife, Keri, in Norman, Oklahoma, and the couple were so impressed with the vision they knew they wanted to get in on the ground floor of the new development, Little said.

“Keri and I are very honored to be a part of the Johnson’s vision,” Little said speaking of the Ryan Johnson of Covenant Development, the forces behind Gateway Village. “They waited quite a while to get this going. We will forever be honored to kind of be the cornerstone that kicked it off. Once HeyDay announced it was coming to Gateway Village, it wasn’t long before we had other things getting ready to come. We’ve seen lots of land sold across the way here. To the extent we had any help to get their dream they worked so hard for we’re tickled about that.”

He said he is happy to be a part of the growing Grayson County community.

Little said he was fully aware of Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille coming to the area in a similar timetable as his business. He said he believes there are enough differences between his establishment and Schulman’s to offer something unique at both establishments. He also said he believes it demonstrates how much growth there is in the area.

“You never go into a community or an area thinking you will never have competition,” Little said. “If you do, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed. You know competition is healthy, it makes you raise your game. It shows that Grayson County is growing. We applaud Mr. Schulman when he opened. It was his day in the sun. That is what we are all about. He is an entrepreneur like I am.”

Little said he expects the local entertainment market to keep growing and his belief in that healthy competition is what prompted him to work to bring Urban Air to Gateway village. He also said he sees a synergy between the different options as they lure tourists to the area.

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