After serving an unusully high number of clients with take-home food baskets in recent weeks, Grayson County Shelter has found itself low on supplies. The local shelter and food pantry is asking for the public’s help in resupplying its food pantries.

Grayson County Shelter Director Annette Limoges said before the shelter was giving out an average of two to three food boxes per weekday, but the daily averages are now pushing closer to four and five boxes.

“We still have food available, but we’re feeding our residents and then we’re trying to help out the community and we’re running low all around,” Limoge said. “We’re asking for anything like peanut butter, pastas and sauces, and any canned goods. Tuna would be helpful, because we’re running out of meat to give, as well. We’ll take anything that would help feed a family.”

The influx of food requests, Limoges said, started in April. And while weekends used to come and go with no requests, Limoges said staff filled and distributed 13 boxes last Saturday and Sunday alone.

The director said with so many seeking assistance, she wondered whether a neighboring food pantry had recently closed, but new clients and shelter staff haven’t learned of any such closures. Instead Limoge said clients are reporting that the cost of living is on the rise and they’ve had to cut back on even the basics.

“People are saying that housing is costing so much more that they’re having to make that decision between food and rent and, sadly, even medicine,” Limoges said.

The Grayson County Shelter is located at 331 West Morton Street and can be reached by calling 903-465-6401.

Drew Smith is a reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at