The Sherman man who was caught in the Grayson County Law Library after hours and later indicted on charges that he was using the county equipment to solicit minors, will not go to trial this month.

Joshua Barrier, 39, was arrested back in April of 2017 when he was found in the Grayson County Law Library after hours. Barrier was released when the woman who was the law librarian at the time said she had given Barrier permission to remain in the library after closing time.

Barrier was arrested again when a Whitesboro family told police he had been exchanging inappropriate messages with a child via a computer. Continued investigation, authorities said, led them to believe that Barrier had conducted those conversations with the teen while at the Grayson County Law Library.

The woman who gave Barrier permission to use the facility after hours was fired over the situation and the law library was eventually moved. Barrier was indicted on eight counts of online solicitation of a minor-sexual contact and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He has pleaded not guilty to those charges.

Barrier’s case was set to start this week, but has since been pushed back. Grayson County court records do not yet show a new trial date. Court records also show that his attorney John H. Smith withdrew from the case on April. He had been appointed to the case in December of 2018. Sherman attorney Pamela McGraw was appointed on May 7. In an email, McGraw said her recent appointment was the reason for the continuance.

Jerrie Whiteley is the Criminal Justice Editor for the Herald Democrat. She can be reached at