The Denison City Council is contemplating a 20 percent pay raise across the board for firefighters. City Council will be discussing the pay raises at the meeting taking place at 6 p.m. Monday at 300 W. Main Street.

The city has been contemplating ways to retain firefighters with a number of proposals recently. The proposed changes are to take effect July 1 to assist with the city’s recruitment efforts to fill 12 vacancies the department is currently facing.

Here are three more things to know about the meeting:

Rental Inspections — City staff will present an updated proposal for the pending rental registration and inspections program.

Building Inspection Fees — The Council will be considering an amendment to the fees charged by the Building Inspections Department.

Environmental Services and Maintenance Building — City Council will consider awarding a bid entering into a contract with Above Grade Development for construction of the Environmental Services and Maintenance Building.

Richard A. Todd is the Denison area reporter. He can be reached at