Texoma residents have experienced more precipitation than normal for the month of May, a state climatologist said Wednesday. And, more rain is expected this weekend.

So far this year, Texoma has received 7.53 inches and Texas State Climatologist with Texas A&M University John Neilsen-Gammon said the average rainfall for May in the area is about five inches.

“Up until early April, the Sherman area had been running below normal for the year,” Neilsen-Gammon said. “Since the beginning of April, Sherman has seen 14 inches in two months, which has more than caught things up from normal. That is on top of a fairly wet fall as well.”

Neilsen-Gammon said while it is wetter than average, it is not in the top 10 wettest Mays in the area. The last time the area saw record rainfall was in 2015 saw over 20 inches of rain fell in one month. He said for comparison’s sake, May in 2018 saw 1.47 inches of rain in the Grayson County area.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jamie Gudmestad said there is a 30 percent chance of showers on Saturday with a 50 percent chance on Sunday. She also said temperatures are expected to be in the mid to high 80s.

“There may be some severe weather,” Gudmestad said. “This is spring in Texas. It is pretty normal. It has been a wetter May than normal. Sunday is the day with the best chance for showers and thunderstorms.”

Neilsen-Gammon said there is a correlation between the El Nino tropical storm system and the increased rains in North Central Texas. He said that occurs whenever the tropical temperatures are warmer than normal, pushing moisture up this way. El Nino, he said, affects global weather patterns, but things should start drying out heading into June.

Though more rain is expected in the coming days, Neilsen-Gammon said it will probably not be as much rain as the area has been seeing.

“We should start seeing things drying out after today (Wednesday),” Neilsen-Gammon said. “It has been fairly typical in terms of the storms. It has been a bit stormier in East Texas than usual. The past few days the Panhandle has been getting hammered. North Central Texas has been fairly good so far. Thunderstorms are what produce the strong storms, tornadoes, strong winds and hail. Grayson County has been getting a lot of storms lately too. It has been a fairly odd year. It hasn’t been spread out too much it’s been in fairly heavy bursts.”

Richard A. Todd is a reporter for the Herald Democrat. He can be reached at RTodd@HeraldDemocrat.com.