The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office wants to help locals spot school shooters before the bullets start to fly.

Tuesday, GCSO’s Chief Deputy Tony Bennie told county commissioners a training he attended recently led him to want to help locals spot school violence before it begins. He said the GCSO thought the training was so important that it decided to use some $4,000 in seized money to pay for it.

“It was some of the most amazing training I have ever seen in my life,” Bennie as he asked commissioners to approve the program.

Phil Chalmers will present the program called, “Why Teens Kill.” It will be offered to the public free of charge at 8 a.m. Aug. 9 at Grayson College’s Cruce Stark Auditorium.

Bennie said the program went well beyond just teen violence.

“It basically just profiled the indicators to look for and some problems that people could spot for potential violence,” he said.

Listening to the program, he recalled Tuesday, that he began to think that not only law enforcement should have access to the information he was hearing.

“I was thinking specifically school administrations here in Grayson County,” Bennie said before adding that the program would benefit not only administrators, but all school personnel as well as parents of students in the local districts.

Chalmers website calls him, “American’s leading authority on juvenile homicide” and said he interviewed more than 200 teen killers to come up with what he calls “the warning signs, causes and triggers of today’s teen killers and school shooters.”

Bennie said the auditorium will hold up to 800 people and he hopes to pack the house.

Grayson County Commissioner David Whitlock moved that the court allow the GCSO to use their funds to pay for the program and was seconded by Commissioner Jeff Whitmire.

Before leaving the podium, Bennie said if it should turn out that so many people want the training that they run out of seats at the auditorium, they will consider bringing Chalmers back for another date.

Jerrie Whiteley is the Criminal Justice Editor. She can be reached at