The W.B. Munson Foundation recently issued a $50,000 grant to the Advanced Manufacturing Program.

Board member Merry Munson Wyatt presented the check to members of the Advanced Manufacturing Consortium Wednesday at the offices of Workforce Solutions Texoma. The Advance Manufacturing Program started in recent years as a training tool to help students prepare for locally-available jobs while completing their high school courses. Through these courses, local economic developers have said they hope to give graduates a head start and advantage when seeking employment in local industries.

“On behalf of the W.B. Munson Foundation, we were very pleased to see the grant request come through,” Wyatt said. “The collaboration is so special and unique to this area. We are thrilled to be able to participate in growing this AMP program that is going to be so invaluable as time goes on.”

AMP Chairman Mark Anderson said the donation was a big deal because it was the first time the program had reached outside of the manufacturing partners and education institutions to seek funding from a local foundation.

“We’re successful in this program,” Anderson said. “This thing has taken off leaps and bounds above what I think we ever calculated it would in a three to four year period. We had an event last week where we awarded scholarships to 25 students for next year. We have another 12 scholarships on top of that. Looking at these scholarships at $5,000 a piece, that is a big deal. We applied for a $50,000 grant with the W.B Munson Foundation and we received all $50,000. We’re grateful for that.”

Wyatt said the foundation was excited for all the things the consortium is doing for local students.

“This is very special for us to be a supporter of all that hard work,” Wyatt said. “It is important for us as a community to work on workforce-related issues as a community. It is important as a foundation to look at educational opportunities in Grayson County.”

Wyatt said the energy and support behind the program from so many community leaders was a key component in the foundation’s decision to provide the grant.