Expertly chosen antiques can be a beautiful addition to any high-end home. Many choose to combine these older styles with more modern décor in order to create a truly unique look for their home. Others choose to accentuate the pre-existing historical character of their home by choosing period appropriate pieces. For those with little to no experience in the world of antiques, it is always a good idea to check with your local antique stores to get an expert opinion on what would work best with your space.


Main Street Mall in Denison


French Victorian Style Iron Dome Form Birdcage






A Folly creation, truly one of a kind, built from all different vintage parts. $525


Antique Roll-Away Bed


Parts made in Germany and assembled at National Spring Bed Company in New Britain, CT in 1902. This company made beds from 1900 to 1911. Only 200 were made, and this one was a special order. Found in France and returned to the U.S. in 2005. $1950


Freres Pathe’ 1918 Phonograph Console




A Touch of Class Antique Mall in Sherman


Red Velvet Victorian Parlor Set




This Rococo Revival style was popular during Queen Victoria’s over 50-year reign. Although many other styles were also popular, this style was most prominent in affluent households. Typically, it was made from Brazilian Rosewood and carved with elaborate ornamentation of acanthus leaves and mythical figures. This set repeats the figure of a lion head on an eagle body on all of its matching pieces. The Rococo name comes from the word rocaille, which is French for rock or rubber.


The set includes:


Large red velvet sofa


2 arm chairs


2 smaller side chairs


Italian Renaissance Walnut 3-piece Dining Room Set




Two buffet a deaux corps, in rich patina with towering canopies supported by scrolled and fluted pillars and remarkable carved figures in costumes of Charles I. The figures are repeated again as table leg supports. Wonderfully crafted, these figures are in size and scale to each of the three matching pieces.


The set includes:


Matching Table