Denison residents who had previously opted for a second trash cart will soon have a lower trash bill. The Denison City Council approved a measure Monday to reduce the fee associated with the second trash cart from $20 to $13 dollars.

The amendment also lowers the rate of an unscheduled brush pickup from $40 to $30.

Denison City Manager Jud Rex said the city looked at the cost of providing the second cart when it switched to automated pickup earlier in the year.

“We rolled out automated trash collection in April,” Rex said. “As part of that, we gave people a chance to get a second cart for an additional fee. We set it at $20 until we could better understand what our cost to service those carts were.”

Rex said the fee was reduced to $13 and that the city will issue a credit to those residents who had been paying for the second cart. The credit will go on the customers utility account. The amendment does require a customer to agree to using the second cart for a sixth month period.

The city council approved the transition to automated trucks in 2018. The city made the move to be in line with other cities in the region that have automated pickup.

Under the old plan residents were able to put up to 20 bags of trash each week for residential pickup. Under the new plan, residents were given a new 95-gallon cart for trash collection.

Since then Rex said the city has been refining the program and has since determined the city would be able to lower the monthly fee on the second cart based on community feedback and the city’s costs to provide the service.

One of the benefits the city touted as a benefit for the change was to free up city workers to be able to provide additional brush collection days throughout the year. The amendment also lowers the rate for unscheduled brush pickups from $40 per cubic feet to $30 per cubic feet.

The council approved the item in a single motion along with other items on the consent agenda with no discussion taken.

Richard A. Todd is the Denison area reporter for the Herald Democrat. He can be reached at